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Bluetooth call watch BTCall Single Chip JieLi Voice Assistant with Blood Oxygen

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Experience the next level of connectivity and convenience with this feature-packed smartwatch.

  • Built-in Mic & Speaker.
  • Customize your own clockface or Push various from App
  • Google and Siri voice assistant
  • Answer or reject calls from your wrist
  • Measure your blood oxygen saturation & body temperature
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Track your Cycle and Breathing
  • Monitor your daily activity and sleep
    Display SMS, emails, calendar events and social media activity
  • Remote shutter and music control of smartphone

Introducing the redesigned smartwatch with a 1.8-inch IPS 240 x 280 Color display for a vibrant visual experience. Equipped with the advanced Bluetooth Single Chip Voice Calling (JieLi7012N Chip), this watch offers seamless connectivity. It operates on Bluetooth version BT5.3, ensuring fast and reliable communication. Designed to withstand water exposure, this smartwatch is rated IP67 for life waterproofing. Its durable construction includes an Alloy case, AML caseback, and a comfortable Silicon strap, ensuring both style and durability.

With a powerful 260mAh BeltBattery, this smartwatch offers an impressive usage time of up to 5 days, allowing you to stay connected throughout the day. Additionally, its standby time can last up to 15 days, making it perfect for extended trips or busy schedules. This smartwatch is fully compatible with Android 6.0+ and iOS 12+ devices, enabling seamless integration with your smartphone. The Oplayer smart life app enhances its functionality, allowing you to customize your own clockface and receive various push notifications.

Featuring a built-in microphone and speaker, this smartwatch allows you to conveniently make and receive calls directly from your wrist. You can even interact with popular voice assistants like Google and Siri for hands-free assistance. Stay on top of your health with the smartwatch's impressive features. It can measure your blood oxygen saturation and body temperature, monitor your heart rate, track your cycle, and even monitor your breathing patterns.

The smartwatch also serves as your personal activity tracker, monitoring your daily activity and sleep patterns. You can easily view SMS, emails, calendar events, and social media activity on its display, ensuring you never miss an important update. Additionally, this smartwatch offers convenient remote shutter and music control functions for your smartphone, making it an ideal companion for capturing photos and managing your music on the go.

Other Product Details

  • 1.8inch IPS 240 x 280 Color display
  • Bluetooth Single Chip Voice Calling (JieLi7012N Chip)
  • Bluetooth version: BT5.3
  • Waterproof: IP67 life waterproof; 
  • BeltBattery size: 260mAh
  • Usage time: up to 5 days
  • Standby time: up to 15 days
  • Product material: Alloy case & AML caseback + Silicon
  • Fully compatible with Android 6.0+ / iOS 12+
  • APP:Oplayer smart life